Our strategy at ABTAJ CAPITAL LIMITED has always been simple: strategically identify opportunities, create strong partnerships – and manage both exceptionally well.

With an investment potential and portfolio of over 100million won the purchases, ownership, management, rental, Lease and/or sale of Real Estate for profit. Improvement of realty properties as part of our strategy, is generally considered to be a sub-specialty.

With increasing demands for apartments and a stable job market, we are confident in the timing and outlook of this fund. With the Wherewithal to identify the best places and climate for our clients to invest in acres or buildings, with a blueprint of in-depth knowledge of the Real Estate industry in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa at large, ABTAJ CAPITAL LIMITED seamlessly takes you towards the somewhat complicated, Old yet very profitable area of Real Estate Investment, learn more about this opportunity and how you can partner with ABTAJ CAPITAL LIMITED

Partnering with you for your real estate financing success

Our Real Estate finance team offers the largest dedicated real estate platform of any financier and our expertise extends across the continent. We provide you with access to resources and expertise within ABTAJ CAPITAL and across the globe, positioning you at the forefront of your Real Estate Investment Potential

Our Offering

We provide term and development funding in all areas of the real estate sector through a variety of solutions specific to your needs, including:

  • Commercial, industrial and retail developers and investors
  • Single asset transactions and portfolio lends
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITS) / listed real estate funds
  • Residential development and term funding for rental stock (including affordable housing)
  • Owner-occupied properties and portfolios.