The term “Assets Management” refers to the financial service of managing assets through financial instruments to increase the invested assets. Thus, Abtaj Capital Limited is a company whose business purpose is managing wealth.

As Asset managers, we bundle a person’s or a company’s savings and invest them as profitably as possible in the world economy and bring about returns of investments (ROI), our years of experience and our retinues of satisfied clients do speak for itself.

Investment opportunities include government financing through sovereign bonds, private sector financing through equity or bond purchases, and financing infrastructure and investment needs, to generate a return that is shared between the asset manager as remuneration and the investor as their return on investments.

Assets Management (Turnover) Ratios compare the firm’s assets with sales revenue. The ratios indicate the extent to which the firm is utilizing its assets to generate revenues. They are a measure of how efficiently and effectively the firm works.

Asset management ratios calculate the efficient use of a variety of assets and their contribution to the overall strength of the company.